Captain’s Log: Stardate 94859.45

When I get sick, I turn into a miserable baby.

I’ve been sick the past few days and I’ll be the first to say that I am completely insufferable. I’ve kept myself (and probably my roommates) up late for the past 3 nights with my awful coughing and sniffling. I keep asking everyone to make me food. I’ve used all the tissues at work. I am slowly losing my mind.

Last year, during my first semester as a freshman, I was sick for two weeks straight. By the end of the two weeks I wasn’t doing awful, and I ended up having 3 or so good days that I wasn’t sick at all. Immediately after that I got sick again for two more weeks. As you can imagine, I was miserable.

I’ve only been sick since Saturday, but it’s now Tuesday and I’m over it. I hate being sick. I’m running out of tissues and I don’t have time to go buy anymore. I want to be able to breath properly without coughing up a lung.

Yesterday I let myself have a partial sick day. I went to my Research Methods of Communications class at 9:30 because we had a paper due and then I went to work from 10:30-12:30. After that, I decided I wasn’t feeling well enough to go to either of my night classes (19th Century Europe at 5:30 and Digital and Professional Communications at 7, if you were wondering what some of my courseload was like).

I spent the rest of the day lazing around in my pajamas, playing on my phone, and generally just not doing anything. The highlight of my evening was watching the first Star Trek reboot movie (I know what you’re thinking – the reboots? Really? Sorry, the reboots are what made me fall in love with Star Trek in the first place, so Chris Pine and intense lens flare will always have a place in my heart).

Just hanging out with my boyfriend James Tiberius Kirk, aka Captain of my Heart

It’s funny because I keep saying that my next post on this blog is going to be about my top albums, but I’m still working on it because I have a lot to say about music. So instead I wrote this little post about being sick.

If any of you are sick right now, I feel you. We’re struggling together. Hopefully we all start feeling better soon.

– Kaylee


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