A dedication to my dad 

Last week me and my dad went out to dinner together. My soon-to-be step mom, Jill, was in Chicago for work, and my younger brother was at my mom’s house for the week, so it was just me and my old man. We went to a cozy little Italian place right down the street from our neighborhood. While we were waiting for our food, I asked my dad an important question:

“What do you want for father’s day?”

It only took him a moment to respond to me.

“You know if I want something I just go out and get it myself.”

Of course I knew that. My dad is, at his best, independent, and at his worst, hard-headed. He is incredibly self-sufficient, and hardly let’s me (or anyone else, for that matter) do anything for him (which is a trait he most definitely got from my pop pop).

So what do you get for someone who already has everything he wants?

The answer is words.

Words are something I’m good at. Writing is something I can do. But, it’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to use my words to sum up how much my dad means to me.

That doesn’t mean I won’t try.

So here is my father’s day present to you dad: a collection of words that I’ve strung together about how much you mean to me, and some of the little things I love.

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