Captain’s Log: Stardate 95197.53

Listening: Love My Life – Jay Park

Wow, can you guys believe that I literally haven’t written anything all summer?

I can. I’m kind of awful at not going completely off the grid during the summertime. I spend most of my time either working or sleeping and generally not being motivated to do anything, but this time next week I’ll be back on campus, so I need to find some motivation. I go back so early because I have roughly 2 weeks worth of CA training camp that I have to go through.

Since I’m heading back to school, that means I’ll be more motivated to write (because I’ll be avoiding doing my actual assignments and writing instead). I’m giving myself a little head start by writing something now, even though I just got home from an 8 hour shift and I’m beyond tired and the only thing I’d really like to do right now is sleep for, like, 10 hours straight.

Instead I’m going to steal an idea from my best friend B’s blog and answer a few questions that I found from a tumblr post so my readers can get to know me a little better. All of the questions are named after characters and things from one of my favorite book series, The Raven Cycle (which everyone should check out).

Here we go!

  • Gansey: Do you have a favorite historical figure?
    • Thaddeus Stevens!! Since I’m from Lancaster I grew up hearing about him, but in college I started looking into him more because I had a history professor who talked about him a lot. I even did a report on him for my Legislative Process class and I’ve grown to love him immensely.
  • Blue: Favorite constellation?
    • My zodiac sign is Cancer so I’m partial to that one, but I’m also a fan of Cassiopeia.
  • Ronan: Favorite animal?
    • Toss up between hedgehogs and penguins. I also love every dog ever.
  • Adam: Your proudest achievement to date?
    • Probably becoming a CA or anytime I put out of a good edition of the school newspaper (I’m the editor-in-chief). Once my newspaper adviser told me and my co-editor that we had the best first edition of a paper she’d ever seen and I almost cried.
  • Noah: Do you believe in ghosts?
    • Uh heck yeah. Ghosts (and aliens) are 100% real. Also, Noah Czerny deserved better.
  • Henry: Do you prefer writing, speaking, or some other form of communication?
    • I prefer writing (surprise surprise). I have been, and probably always will be, a writer. I like speaking with people too.
  • Orla: Do you paint your nails? What’s your favorite color?
    • Sometimes I do! I’m not very good. I like anything with sparkles. Or black.
  • Declan Lynch: What’s your dream job?
    • Unrealistically? Professional sleeper. Realistically? A civil rights lawyer.
  • Aurora Lynch: What do you look for in a romantic partner?
    • Honestly the two most important things to me are that they can make me laugh and the ability to have an intelligent conversation (is that shallow??? I just love talking and sharing knowledge).
  • Niall Lynch: Do you have any recurring dreams?
    • Not that I can think of.
  • Ashley: Do you have knowledge about any topics people wouldn’t expect you to?
    • A lot of people don’t expect me to know as much about music (like classic rock, punk, grunge, etc.) as I do, but I learned a lot of it from my dad when I was younger and we used to listen to music together in the car. I could probably talk for hours about music.
  • Neeve: Would you ever want to be famous?
    • Maybe for being an author, but I also don’t like people being in my business.
  • Matthew Lynch: What’s your favorite season?
    • Fall! It’s long sleeve weather, my favorite holiday happens then, and everything looks beautiful.
  • Helen Gansey: Do you have any siblings?
    • Yes! I have two brothers, one older and one younger. My older brother is named Ryan and he’s 22, my younger brother is named Adam and he’s 13. In December when my dad and his fiancee Jill (ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER) get married I’ll have two step-brothers as well, both of which are older (although one only by a month). I like them all pretty well, but it would have been nice to have a sister as well.
  • Aglionby Academy: What’s your favorite subject in school?
    • When I was in high school is was any English class. In college it’s probably the same, but I also love history.
  • Mountain View: What’s your attitude toward school?
    • I love school and I love learning. Middle school and high school were both fine for me, just kind of boring. Not much happened. But anyway, I’d like to think I’m really dedicated to my studies and learning.
  • Nino’s Pizza: What’s your favorite pizza order?
    • Literally just plain cheese. Or Hawaiian, which is GREAT.
  • Litchfield House: Do you prefer having lots of friends or only a small few?
    • A small few is fine. I like having lots of acquaintances though.
  • 300 Fox Way: What’s the most magical place you’ve ever been?
    • The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which I’m going to again tomorrow. Besides the book store it’s one of my happy places.
  • Monmouth Manufacturing: Is your room messy or neat? Do you make your bed regularly?
    • My room is currently a mess because I’m moving back to college in 6 days, but usually it’s pretty clean. I try to clean my room once a week, but I never make my bed – I’m just gonna mess it up again that night, so why bother??
  • Cabeswater: What’s your dream vacation destination?
    • Germany!! I went there a couple of summers ago and I miss it.
  • Henrietta: Describe your hometown.
    • Technically I only moved to Cocalico in 4th grade but it’s my hometown. A lot of people don’t like it there, and they always talk about wanting to leave, but I adore the place. That’s where my family is, it’s where I grew up, and I’ll always have roots there and I’ll always love it.
  • St. Agnes: When’s the last time you saw your whole family?
    • I don’t know what you mean by whole family. My parent’s are divorced, but I had dinner with my moms side of the family last week for my older brother’s birthday, and my dad’s side of the family had a pool party the other week because my aunt and uncle who live out of state came to visit!! If you didn’t know this about me, family is by far the most important thing to me. I love them more than anything.
  • The Barns: Describe a memory of yours from childhood.
    • Literally the only thing I can remember right now is throwing rocks on the roof of our house that we lived in before we moved to Cocalico and how I hit one of the rocks on the roof with another rock and the one rolled off and hit my toe and I’m pretty sure I broke my toe. I was kinda dumb.
  • The Grey Man: Describe your ideal date.
    • Book store. Buying books and reading somewhere peaceful (outside if it’s nice enough). Eating crepes afterwards at that cute crepe place in West Reading. Hell yeah.
  • Maura Sargent: If you were lost somewhere, who would you want to find you?
    • My dad.
  • Persephone Poldma: Have you had any important mentors or teachers?
    • Professor Jakiela! She’s the adviser for my newspaper and I couldn’t do half the stuff I do without her. She’s so inspiring and wonderful. She’s good for motivation and she’s always there to help us when we need it. She’s just the best, okay?
  • Calla Johnson: What’s your favorite thing to drink?
    • Water. I drink a lot of it everyday. Staying hydrated is punk rock.
  • Mallory: Coffee or Tea?
    • I like both, but I’d take tea over coffee any day. My coffee is usually more creamer and sugar than coffee anyway.
  • Colin Greenmantle: What languages do you speak?
    • English and German (although it’s a little rusty).
  • Piper Greenmantle: Chapstick, Lipstick, or Lipgloss?
    • Chapstick, although I do love lipstick.
  • Jesse Dittley: What’s your favorite flower?
    • Sunflowers. I was growing one in a pot for a while and her name was Blue. When I came home from college I had my dad plant it in the yard and within the week the rabbit’s had destroyed her. It was a sad, sad day.
  • Whelk: What’s your biggest regret?
    • A lot of stuff from my sophomore year of college. Also anybody who I’ve wasted too much time on, be it in a romantic way or a friendship way. That’s time I’ll never get back lol.
  • Kavinsky: Are you easily distracted?
    • Yeah but I think everyone is.
  • Opal Lynch: Describe your best friend.
    • I’ve got two!! Corinne and B. Corinne is the exact same person as me, so she’s great. The only place we differ is in food taste (she claims I eat garbage, but I think she does). B is tall where I am small and we’ve been through some shit, but it’s gotten so much better. I’m so thankful for both of them and I love them with all of my heart.
  • The Pig: What’s your dream car?
    • I don’t care about cars lol. If it runs I’m happy. Maybe a jeep.
  • The BMW: Do you consider yourself a good driver?
    • Yeah like I’m a safe driver and stuff, I just hate driving.
  • White Mitsubishi: What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
    • ??? No idea. I don’t do dangerous things. I love safety.
  • The Hondayota: Do you have any goals you are working towards?
    • Graduating college, making it to law school, getting an internship next summer. Those kinds of things!!
  • The Dream Pig: If you were going a road trip, what would be your top 3 must-see destinations?
    • Salem is my number 1. I’d like to also go to Chicago and Seattle.
  • Gwenllian: What’s your favorite song/album/artist to listen to right now?
    • I’ve got a few. As far as music in English goes, I like the Gorillaz’s new album Humanz as well as Lorde’s new album Melodrama. As far as k-pop goes, I’ve been listening to EXO’s The War non-stop since it came out, as well as the song Dinosaur by Akdong Musician and Paradise by Millic ft. Fanxy Child.
  • Glendower: What time period in the past would you want to live in?
    • I’m fine living now lol but maybe the 60’s.
  • Chainsaw: Do you have any pets?
    • No pets, but I do have plants. I’ve got three cacti and one succulent. My first cactus is named Richie after Mike Richards the hockey player. My second cactus is named Nini after Kai from EXO. My third cactus (and one of the newest edition to my plant family, besides my succulent) is named Honey after Jooheon from Monsta X. My succulent is named Saturn, after the song Saturnz Barz by the Gorillaz. I love them all.
  • Boat shoes: What quirks do you have that make you unique?
    • I like to think I say a lot of funny things that make me unique. Who knows.

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you learned some new things about me, and please look forward to more updates during the school year!


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