Captain’s Log: Stardate 95300.08

Hi guys!!

I’ve decided to do something to help myself stay motivated to write. It’s just going to be a little life update kind of thing that encompasses things like “What have I been reading lately?” or “What have I been listening to lately?”


General Life Updates:

School started three weeks ago, but I’ve been on campus since August 11th for CA training. It’s been a long month and sometimes things are tiring, but I can feel all my hard work paying off already. My residents (actually, all the residents in the entire building) are all friendly and don’t mind talking to the CAs. Me and my staff get along really well and I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester/year.

My classes are all going fine so far. Nothing is too hard yet so it’s difficult to say how each class is. This semester I’m taking Political Theory, World Politics, Natural Science, Digital Storytelling, Intro to Creative Non-Fiction, and Communication Capstone. Capstone is usually something seniors take, but my professor wanted me to take it this semester. I’m writing my capstone on The Raven Cycle book series, and I’ll be analyzing how characters interact with each other based on class and gender. I’m super excited for it.

Not much else is happening, although I did buy tickets to see one of my favorite bands, The Front Bottoms, over Thanksgiving break. I’m also trying to go see Fall Out Boy in October, although I don’t know how well that’s going to work out. Overall, I’m excited for any upcoming concerts that I’ll be at!!

What have I been listening to?

One of my favorite groups, The National, came out with a new album the other day called Sleep Well Beast. This group always makes my go-to sad songs and I really recommend checking out their stuff. My favorite songs off the new album are probably Guilty Party as well as Day I Die, but every single song has a special place in my heart.

Of course I’ve been listening to EXO’s new album since it came out, but they recently released their repackage for it – The War: The Power of Music. They’re my favorite k-pop group, and I’m completely loving this come back and the concept. Personally, I prefer their repackage title song, Power, to the original title song, Ko Ko Bop, although they’re both great. My favorite songs on the repackage are probably What U Do?, Power, and Chill.

Finally, I’ve been listening to the Newsies soundtrack non-stop in the past few weeks. The filmed Broadway version of the musical was just put on Netflix, and I’ve already watched it like three times. Newsies is one of my favorite musicals, so how could I resist? My favorite songs off the soundtrack include King of New York and Something to Believe In. Also, I love Davey with all of my heart.

Quick Listen:

This will be a little thing where I list some songs that I’ve been listening to that aren’t necessarily from a whole album I’ve listened to, but just songs here and there that I’ve been enjoying.

What have I been watching? What have I seen?

Now, I don’t usually watch a lot of TV/things on Netflix. I find that I don’t usually have time to just sit down and watch an entire season of something. The only thing I’ve really watched multiple times in the past few weeks is Newsies, which I mentioned earlier.

I did go see It in theaters the other day with my friend (and fellow Robertshaw CA) Kara. I’m easily scared and I hate clowns, but to us the clown was hardly the most scary part. Some of the human interactions made me more scared and uncomfortable then the fears the kids were seeing (although those were awful too). Overall, I thought the movie was extremely good and extremely terrifying. It’s definitely worth checking out.

What have I been reading?

I’ve been reading so much since the semester started. My classes and homework haven’t really started to pick up yet, so I’ve spent the last three weeks reading a ton of books.

Back in July I read the first book in the Grisha trilogy, Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo. I had started the second one, Siege and Storm, right after I finished the first. Things got a little busy for me after that and I didn’t get to start reading the book again until last week. I finished Siege and Storm within a day or two and moved on to the third book, Ruin and Rising. I finished that one last night, and I’m a little sad it’s over. I’ve read Bardugo’s other books that are set in the Grishaverse (Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom) but I’m going to miss Alina and Nikolai the most. I might even miss The Darkling a little bit, even if he was supposed to be the bad guy. It’s a great book series about magic and love and hope and I highly recommend everyone check out Bardugo’s novels.

The Grisha trilogy wasn’t the only thing I was reading at the time. I’m a multi-tasker when it comes to reading, so I had several other books going at the same time. I read Vicious by V.E. Schwab, and now I’m patiently waiting for the next one to come out. The next thing I read was also by V.E. Schwab, and that’s A Darker Shade of Magic. I bought the second book in that series, A Gathering of Shadows, but stopped reading it for a little so I could pick back up on the Grisha trilogy.

As far as what I’m reading now, I’m working on A Gathering of Shadows as well as The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I’ve got a few other books on my shelf I have to start, but classes will be picking up soon and I can tell I won’t have as much time to read as I’ve had these last three weeks.


I’ve had a lot of free time in the past few weeks, but I foresee myself getting very busy in the next few weeks. This little life update thing is a work in progress, and hopefully I’ll keep up with it. I might add or take away certain parts of it, but for now I’ll keep it going.


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