Captain’s Log: Stardate 95382.03

I’ve been really slacking lately when it comes to writing. I wanted to post something more interesting, but I’m busy doing 1,000 things right now so I’m just going to do a quick life update. Enjoy!

General Life Update:

I’m going home this weekend! I’m so excited to see my family. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I’ve been at school since August 11th and I miss everyone at home very much. I’ve got a lot of things planned for this weekend and I can’t wait.

Last night my campus held its first ever drag show and it was amazing! There were so many wonderful performers that I was so impressed by. And the amount of people that showed up – it was crazy. I’ve never seen the chapel that full of people. The amount of love, respect, and support in the building last night was truly magical. Yesterday was also national Coming Out Day, and the amount of support everybody showed for members of the LGBTQIA+ community was beautiful. It was just an all around good experience.

Finally, my friend Dallas and I just bought tickets to see Fall Out Boy in Philadelphia at the end of the month. We’re in the nosebleed seats, but I’d do anything for FOB, so it doesn’t matter. The next concert I’m going to after FOB is (maybe) Hippo Campus in the beginning of November, but I’m also for sure seeing The Front Bottoms over Thanksgiving break.

What have I been listening to?

There haven’t really been many new albums that I’ve been jamming to recently. I’ve been on a real Hozier kick again though. His self-titled album is one of my favorite albums of all time, so you can usually find me listening to it. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Arctic Monkeys, who I used to listen to a lot back in the day. My favorite album of theirs is Favourite Worst Nightmare.

Tomorrow the album Going Grey by The Front Bottoms comes out. I may (or may not, depending on my time) write a whole post dedicated to it. Get hype.

Quick Listen:

What have I been watching? What have I seen?

We have a projector set up in the lobby of my building and every night we project a different Halloween movie on the white sheet we have hanging up. I’ve seen a lot of them but it’s still nice to get in the spirit of the holiday. Some of the movies we’ve watched so far include Donnie Darko (one of my favorites!), Halloweentown (one and two, we haven’t gotten to the others yet), The Babadook, Hocus Pocus, and more.

We don’t limit ourselves to Halloween movies either. Two nights ago we watched Heathers after Donnie Darko and it was great. The one day we also watched 12 episodes of Ricky and Morty in a row.

What have I been reading?

I’m almost done with Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo. That’s about the only thing I’m reading right now because I’m a busy bee (especially with midterms coming up) but I’m not giving up on the other books I’m reading right now.


I’m really busy, but that’s okay. I’m having a good time at college but I’m excited to go home and see my family for a little.


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