Captain’s Log: Stardate 95414.95

For my Digital Storytelling class, I had this neat assignment where I had to record 10 seconds of what I was doing every day at a certain time for a week straight. The time that I picked was 4:30. You can watch the video below.


The quality is really bad because I had to upload it on YouTube (WordPress won’t let me upload it here because I don’t have the upgraded version) but anyway, here it is!

I named the assignment “4:30 p.m: Surrounded” because in every single clip, I’m surrounded by people. As a CA, I’m constantly around people, which makes me really happy. A lot of the clips are me and my residents hanging out (or eating dinner, because we’re all starving college kids and usually eat dinner around 4:30).

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s happening in each clip:

Day 1 – This is a clip of me and some residents (and my fellow CA Kara) eating dinner. Later that day me and Kara went and saw George Takei speak at Pitt Main and it was wonderful.

Day 2 – This is a clip of me and my residents walking down to dinner. It was really nice that day.

Day 3 – Again, clips of residents hanging out outside of Robertshaw. Yes, we were listening to the Backstreet Boys.

Day 4 – This is a clip of me sitting in the Press Room with my people as we work on newspaper things.

Day 5 – And here we are again, eating dinner. This was Saturday, the night of the Casino thing for Blue and Gold Weekend, so they were trying to figure out what Matt was going to wear that night.

Day 6 – We were waiting to go to dinner. Yeah.

Day 7 – Me, Kara, and one of my residents, Ricky, went shopping for our ghost story/caramel apple bar program that was happening that night. As you can see, it was pouring when we left the store. The white car that pulled up was Ricky waiting for us to come outside.

I hope you enjoyed it!! Thanks for watching.


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