First Post for Magazine Class

This semester I’m taking a magazine class. In this class, we’ll be learning how to get our works published in literary magazines. This is my first post.

Things I know/love:

  • Books (mostly YA fantasy, but some memoirs)
  • Music (mostly indie, pop punk, and regular punk, but I dabble in just about any type of music except country)
  • Cacti/Succulents/Plants
  • Being funny (sometimes?)
  • Being a lady (sometimes)
  • Home
  • Family
  • A good home cooked meal
  • Naruto
  • There are a lot of other things that I can’t think of right now

10 magazines that would be good for my work:

1) Barrelhouse

Barrelhouse accepts a variety of different works, like poetry, essays, and reviews, all of which I write. Also, I think they mix the perfect amount of seriousness and humor, which I tend to do, too.

2) The Rumpus

I’d like to think that sometimes my writing is pretty funny, and The Rumpus has some hilarious content. Especially a lot of hilarious content written by women.

3) Janice

Another funny magazine. Also, Ali got accepted here. I love Ali.

4) Pendulum

Oddly enough, in the almost four years that I’ve gone to Pitt-Greensburg, I’ve never submitted to Pendulum. I would like to change that.

5) Feels Blind Literary

This is a magazine by women for women. I am a woman. They are looking for emerging and established writers. I am an emerging writer.

6) The Offbeat

Another magazine that highlights humor and, like the name suggests, the offbeat. I can get down with that.

7) Hippocampus Magazine

This magazine is based in my home, the ever-wonderful land of the Amish (aka Lancaster). I write a lot about family and home, so my pieces would probably find a good home here.

8) Third Point Press

Another magazine based in central Pennsylvania. Its goal is to publish writers from Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg. It seems like they mostly do fiction, which I don’t write that often, but I’d like to give it a try.

9) Narratively

This is a magazine that publishes a lot of stories about humans. Interestingly enough, I’m a human, and I love telling stories about my life.

10) Under the Sun

They’re a journal dedicated to creative nonfiction, which is my favorite thing to write.


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